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Halfmile’s Pacific Crest Trail maps are the most current and accurate Pacific Crest Trail maps available and widely used by thru-hikers and section hikers. Halfmile and many other volunteers have spent months with a GPS logging the trail and marking PCT landmarks from 2007 – 2018.

What’s so great about Halfmile’s PCT maps?

  • Based on very accurate GPS data.
  • Free iPhone and Android smartphones apps using an exactly matching data set.
  • Halfmile’s maps are in color and easy to read. A larger 1:31680 scale (1 inch = 1/2 mile) scale is used.
  • Halfmile’s maps are relatively large, formatted for 8.5 x 11 inch printing, for easier navigation.
  • Waypoints mark the trail every half mile, trail mileage is noted on the maps every two miles.
  • Waypoints for water sources, campsites, road crossings and other useful hiker landmarks.
  • Every twist and turn and switchback of the trail is shown to help with navigation.
  • Waypoints and tracks are available for downloading to your GPS, so your GPS screen and paper maps exactly match.
  • Amazing new elevation profiles.
  • Halfmile’s maps are easy to download and print .pdf files. Download just one multipage file for each section of the PCT.
  • All you need is free Adobe Acrobat Reader software to print the maps.
  • Halfmile’s maps are free for personal or educational use.

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