2016 PCT Map Updates: Campo, CA to Tuolumne Meadows, CA

Every year Halfmile’s Pacific Crest Trail maps, apps, and GPS data are updated with the latest trail information. Today updated maps are online for the first 942.5 miles of the trail — from Campo, CA to Tuolumne Meadows, CA. This year’s updates are relatively minor (see the list of changes below).

The remaining PCT maps and Pacific Crest Trail Notes will be updated over the next few weeks. Smartphone apps, gps data, and Google Earth .KMZ files should be updated in February.

Here is a complete list of changes in this first batch of map updates:

CA Section A, page 6

Mile 41.5: Added that Mount Laguna is 4/10 mile W of PCT, and it has a restaurant. Added Mount Laguna Sports phone number [619-473-0450].
Mile 47.5: Updated Mount Laguna Campground description to note campground charges a fee, showers are coin-operated.

CA Section A, page 10

Mile 77: Added phone number for Stagecoach trails RV park [760-765-3765]; corrected Julian PO phone number [760-765-3648] in app data (map was already correct).

CA Section C, page 8
Mile 276.6: No picnic table at campsite CS0277, it has fallen down and is now a lumber pile.
Mile 278.6: Updated RD0279 to note that the paved section of Holcomb Valley Road 2N09 does not extend all the way from the PCT to Hwy 38.

CA Section C, page 14

Mile 323.7: Corrected name of dam to Cedar Springs Dam.
Mile 323.8: Updated directions where PCT joins Hwy 73.

CA Section D, page 5

Mile 387.9: Added the following Mount Williamson alternate note:
At about mile 387.9 the PCT turns but a use trail continues straight and climbs to the summit of Mount Williamson. It’s easy to miss the turn and end up on the summit.

CA Section D, page 11
Mile 444.4: Removed information about Hiker Heaven closure (they will reopen in 2016), removed information about the Acton KOA accepting hiker resupply packages.

CA Section D, page 12

Mile 454.5: Agua Dulce information updated with the following information about Hiker Heaven reopening for 2016:

Agua Dulce [mile 454.5] is a small town on the PCT with a good grocery store, restaurants, pay phones, ATM and Hiker Heaven [AKA the Saufley’s]. Hiker Heaven will be open April 1 through June 30 in 2016, and for southbound thru-hikers in the fall of 2016. Hiker Heaven has a limit of 50 hikers per night, first-come, first-serve, no reservations, 2-night max stay. Hiker Heaven accepts resupply packages sent by USPS, UPS, FedEx or DHL. Include ETA on your package.
PCT Hiker (your name)
c/o The Saufley’s
11861 Darling Road
Agua Dulce, CA 91390

Saufley’s Home Phone: 661-268-1235
Hiker Heaven guest house [hiker] phone: 661-268-1348
Hiker Heaven website: www.hikerheaven.com
The PCT goes through the center of Agua Dulce. To reach Hiker Heaven walk past the grocery store and pizza place and turn left on Darling Road for 1 mile.

CA Section E, page 1
Removed note about Hiker Heaven closure (they will reopen in 2016).
Mile 456: Updated SierraHwy waypoint description to:
The PCT follows Sierra Hwy W for 1/10 mile, then N on Mint Canyon Rd to Peterson Rd.

CA Section E, page 13

Mile 558: Updated Tehachapi PO general delivery zip code to 93581.

CA Section G, page 10
Mile 719 & 720: WACS0719 and WA0720 changed to WA0719 and WACS0720, respectively. There’s a campsite at 0720, not at 0719.

CA Section G, page 13

Mile 750: Removed notes about DeLacour Ranch per request of the ranch.

CA Section H, page 1

Fixed typo, minor font issue.

CA Section H, page 2

Fixed minor font issue.

CA Section H, page 3

Mile 779.5: Fixed typo in elevation of Forester Pass.

CA Section H, page 5
Mile 793.5: Added mileage missing from the description of WACSBB0793B.

CA Section H, page 20

Mile 893.5: Added note about camping restrictions within 300 feet of the outlet of Purple Lake.
Mile 895.7: Added note about camping restrictions within 300 feet of the outlet of Duck Lake.

CA Section H, page 24

Mile 923: Added note about camping restriction with 1/4 mile of the outlet of Thousand Island Lake.
Added notes about camping restrictions along the JMT alternate near Shadow Lake, and Garnet Lake.