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Pacific Crest Trail corrections and last minute updates

Check back frequently for corrections and last minute updates….

Several fire closers in Southern California will likely remain in effect for 2016. For the latest trail closure information see the Pacific Crest Trail Association trail closure web page. These closures could change depending on how much trail is repaired and how bad the El Nino winter is (erosion and landslides can be a trail maintenance issue in Southern California). Since the closure areas may change alternate maps are not currently in the regular Halfmile section maps.

Mile 162.5 – 178: Mountain Fire closure will likely remain in effect for 2016. An alternate route to the west and then into Idyllwild on unpaved May Valley Road is a relatively straight forward alternate. Unofficial alternate maps can be downloaded here.

Mile 234.5 – 252: Lake Fire Closure will likely remain in effect for 2016. There is no recommended alternate route and options in this area are somewhat limited. Check back in the spring for alternate route ideas.

Mile 478 – 492: Powerhouse Fire Closure
will likely remain in effect for 2016. An 12.9 mile alternate route via San Francisquito Canyon Road to Elizabeth Lake Rd, that rejoins the PCT via Shake Canyon can be downloaded here.

Mile 557.5 or 565.4: Tehachapi trail angel Anne Marie has sent this updated list of Tehachapi area trail angels.

Mile 767: The road between Lone Pine, CA and Whitney Portal will be undergoing major construction in 2016 with delays up to three hours and parking space may not be available. Accessing the Whitney Portal area may be, at times, difficult and frustrating. More info at this link.

Mile 1373.9: Chuck Woodman, the owner of JJ’s Cafe near Old Staton, CA writes:
We will gladly hold resupply packages for hikers, since our hours are much more abundant than the Post Office in Old Station (the PO is only open 11-4, Mon-Fri). Send packages to 13385 Hwy 89, Old Station, CA 96071, preferably through UPS/Fedex, and notify [email protected] so we can verify receipt. No holding fee on the packages. []

The Old Station Fill-Up (next door to JJ’s Cafe) has new ownership and is open 7-7 daily during the summers [].

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