PCT Maps

Halfmile’ Pacific Crest Trail Maps are free .PDF files optimized for printing on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. Use Adobe’s free Reader program to open and print these files. The files are compressed .ZIP files that can be extracted by right clicking (on Windows) or double clicking the file in OS X.

For smaller .PDF map files optimized for smartphone viewing see the mobile PDF download page.

Overview Maps:
PCT Overview 1 page — Pacific Crest Trail overview map (one page version) with resupply locations and trail mileages. Cartography by Magellan.
PCT Overview 2 page — Pacific Crest Trail overview map (two page version) with resupply locations and trail mileages. Cartography by Magellan.

Hiker Maps:
California Section A — Campo to Warner Springs
California Section B — Warner Springs to Highway 10 (near Cabazon)
California Section B — Mountain Fire unofficial alternate map [updated for 2017]
California Section C — Highway 10 to Highway 15 (Cajon Pass)
California Section D — Highway 15 to Auga Dulce
California Section E — Agua Dulce to Tehachapi Pass
California Section F — Tehachapi Pass to Walker Pass
California Section G — Walker Pass to Crabtree Meadow (near Mt Whitney)
California Section H — Crabtree Meadow to Tuolumne Meadow (Yosemite)
California Section I — Tuolumne Meadow to Sonora Pass
California Section J — Sonora Pass to Echo Lake
California Section K — Echo Lake to Highway 80 (Donner Summit)
California Section L — Highway 80 to Highway 49 (near Sierra City)
California Section M — Highway 49 to Belden
California Section N — Belden to Burney Falls State park
California Section O — Burney Falls State Park to Highway 5 (near Castle Crag)
California Section P — Highway 5 to Etna Summit
California Section Q — Etna Summit to Seiad Valley
California Section R — Seiad Valley to Highway 5 (near Ashland, OR)

Oregon Section B — Highway 5 to Highway 140 (near Fish Lake)
Oregon Section C — Highway 140 to Highway 138 (near Cascade Crest)
Oregon Section D — Highway 138 to Highway 58 (near Willamette Pass)
Oregon Section E — Highway 58 to Highway 242 (McKenzie Pass)
Oregon Section F — Highway 242 to Highway 35 (near Barlow Pass)
Oregon Section G — Highway 35 to Cascade Locks

Washington Section H — Cascade Locks to Highway 12 (at White Pass)
Washington Section I — Highway 12 to Snoqualmie Pass
Washington Section J — Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass
Washington Section K — Stevens Pass to Rainy Pass
Washington Section L — Rainy Pass to Manning Park, BC

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