PCT Maps

Halfmile’ Pacific Crest Trail Maps are free .PDF files optimized for printing on 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. These files are compressed .ZIPed .PDF files that can be extracted by right clicking (on Windows) or double clicking the file in OS X.

Using a iPhone, Android or Tablet? For smaller .PDF map files optimized for smartphone viewing see the mobile PDF download page.

Overview Maps:
PCT Overview 1 page — Pacific Crest Trail overview map (one page version) with resupply locations and trail mileages. Cartography by Magellan.
PCT Overview 2 page — Pacific Crest Trail overview map (two page version) with resupply locations and trail mileages. Cartography by Magellan.

Hiker Maps:
California Section A — Campo to Warner Springs
California Section B — Warner Springs to Highway 10 (near Cabazon)
California Section C — Highway 10 to Highway 15 (Cajon Pass)
California Section D — Highway 15 to Auga Dulce
California Section E — Agua Dulce to Tehachapi Pass
California Section F — Tehachapi Pass to Walker Pass
California Section G — Walker Pass to Crabtree Meadow (near Mt Whitney)
California Section H — Crabtree Meadow to Tuolumne Meadow (Yosemite)
California Section I — Tuolumne Meadow to Sonora Pass
California Section J — Sonora Pass to Echo Lake
California Section K — Echo Lake to Highway 80 (Donner Summit)
California Section L — Highway 80 to Highway 49 (near Sierra City)
California Section M — Highway 49 to Belden
California Section N — Belden to Burney Falls State park
California Section O — Burney Falls State Park to Highway 5 (near Castle Crag)
California Section P — Highway 5 to Etna Summit
California Section Q — Etna Summit to Seiad Valley
California Section R — Seiad Valley, CA to Highway 5 (near Ashland, OR)

For Oregon Section A use California Section R — Seiad Valley, CA to Highway 5 (near Ashland, OR)
Oregon Section B — Highway 5 to Highway 140 (near Fish Lake)
Oregon Section C — Highway 140 to Highway 138 (near Cascade Crest)
Oregon Section D — Highway 138 to Highway 58 (near Willamette Pass)
Oregon Section E — Highway 58 to Highway 242 (McKenzie Pass)
Oregon Section F — Highway 242 to Highway 35 (near Barlow Pass)
Oregon Section G — Highway 35 to Cascade Locks

Washington Section H — Cascade Locks to Highway 12 (at White Pass)
Washington Section I — Highway 12 to Snoqualmie Pass
Washington Section J — Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass
Washington Section K — Stevens Pass to Rainy Pass
Washington Section L — Rainy Pass to Manning Park, BC

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