What’s New on PCTMap.net

3/19/17 — Updated Halfmile Southern and Northern CA Trail Notes, added notes about some of the difficult Sierra fords, corrected name of Kerrick Creek at mile 979.8.
2/6/17 — Updated CA Section J p10 to remove Lake of the Sky Outfitter.
2/6/17 — Updated trail notes to fix typos, note that camping is not permitted in the 2015 Lake Fire burn zone [about mile 237.5 – 241.5], note that Lake of the Sky Outfitters has closed, fix export issue which prevented some waypoints from appearing in trail notes.
1/30/17 — Updated CA Section M p11, Halfmile Norther CA Trail Notes, corrected WA1277, trail sign identifies WA1277 as Brecken Fern Spring (not Grouse Spring).
1/4/17 — Updated WA Section H p11, Halfmile’s OR/WA Notes, corrected description of RD2221, it’s Paved Forest Road 88 at Grand Meadows Trailhead (not Road 68).
1/3/17 — Updated Halfmile’s Resupply PCT Resupply Notes to remove trail angels Ziggy and the Bear. They have closed.
12/28/16 — Updated CA Sec B p11, CA Sec C p1, and Halfmile’s Southern CA trail notes to remove trail angels Ziggy and the Bear. They have closed.
12/17/16 — Updated Halfmile’s Trail Notes for Southern California and North California with 1983 winter transit memorial stone, Lassen National Park bear canister requirement, and Lassen National Park camping restrictions.
12/17/16 — Updated CA Section D p3 with the location of the 1983 winter transit memorial stone, at the base of two “V” trees facing away from the trail. Jodi Zaitchick and Jerry Duran died in a December 1983 fall 363 miles into the first known winter thru-hike attempt.
12/17/16 — Updated CA Section N p9, p10, p12 added note about new Lassen NP bear canister requirement, added note about Lassen NP camping restrictions from miles 1346 – 1350.
12/01/16 — Updated Halfmile’s Trail Notes for 2017.
12/01/16 — Updated CA Section A p1, p13; CA Section B p1, p5; CA Section E p13; CA Section N p19; CA Section P p13; OR Section B p5; OR Section D p6; WA Section H p2, p6, p8, p10, p11, p13; WA Section I p1, p14; WA Section J p1, p4; WA Section K p1, p16; WA Section L p1. See this post for details.
03/28/16 — Updated CA Section N maps to use correct elevation profile pages.
03/21/16 — Updated Halfmile Resupply Notes, OR/WA Notes, WA Sec J page 8, and WA Sec K page 1 with Stephens Pass Resupply information.
03/17/16 — Fixed issue with pctmap.net website that prevented “Open In…” option from appearing in IOS Safari when downloading .GPX files from the GPS Smartphone Data page
03/17/16 — Updated GPS and Google Earth KMZ data for 2016
02/28/16 — Updated OR Sec E map pages 11 & 12 to include TR1977B
01/25/16 — Updated overview maps to add mail icon for Agua Dulce and corrected typo in CA/OR border mileage.
01/18/16 — Updated Halfmile Trail Notes for Northern CA and Halfmile Resupply Notes with information about The Old Station fillup and WACS1416.
01/11/16 — Updated CA Sec N, page 14. Added information about the Old Station Fill-Up gas station and mini-mart.
01/11/16 — Updated CA Sec N, page 20. WACS1416 again with more information about camping in Burney Falls State Park.
01/07/16 — Updated Halfmile’s Pacific Crest Trail Notes for 2016.
01/05/16 — Updated CA Sec N, page 20. WACS1416 is Burney Falls State Park Headwaters Group Campground, reservation from State Park required.
01/02/16 — Updated CA Sec I – WA Sec L maps for 2016. See list of changes here.
12/22/15 — Updated CA Sec A – CA Sec H maps for 2016. See list of changes here.
5/3/15 — Corrected CA Sec E, page 10. The Iberdrola Wind Farm office is east of
the PCT (not west).
4/18/15 — Added an unofficial Powerhouse Fire detour map.
3/6/14 — Added an Unofficial Mountain Fire alternate map.
3/19/15 — Updated overview maps with 2015 mileages.
3/19/15 — Updated several Post Office hours in Trail Notes.
3/15/15 — Smartphone apps updated for 2015, see iTunes Store or Google Play store.
3/11/15 — Updated Trail Notes to fix an issue where some off trail waypoints were missing.
3/11/15 — Updated CA Sec B page 11, CA Sec C page 1, and Trail Notes with new directions to Ziggy and the Bear.
3/10/15 — Updated Trail Notes, added Resupply Notes listing 76 locations along the Pacific Crest trail to purchase or mail supplies.
3/8/15 — Updated all GPS data to remove an extra directory in the .zip files for Windows users.
3/6/15 — Updated all GPS data for 2015.
3/5/15 — CA Sections I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R; OR Sections B, B, D, E, F, G; Washington Sections H, I, J, K, L maps, elevation profiles updated for 2015.
3/5/15 — CA Sections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, & H maps updated with improved elevation profile pages, updated elevation gain/loss estimates (on 1st page of each section).
3/5/15 — Draft version maps replaced with final map version.
2/15/2015 — Uploaded 2015 draft version maps (without elevation profiles) for CA Sections I, J, K, L and M.
2/12/2015 — CA Section A map – updated Campo PO, Mt Laguna Lodge, Mt Laguna PO, hours; Julian PO phone #.
2/11/2015 — Added 2015 Preview Edition Google Earth KLZ file
2/11/2015 — Added 2015 CA maps for PCT sections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, & H

3/21/2014 — Added a Corrections & Updates page
3/21/2014 — Added Detour map page
2/9/2014 — Added links to the Cell Phone and Wi-Fi reports
2/7/2014 — Updated Google Earth file to include icon symbols for most waypoints
2/3/2014 — Added Halfmile’s Pacific Crest Trail Notes
1/25/2014 — Added several FAQ entries
1/25/2014 — Replaced GPS data and Google Earth file to fix typos in the description fields
1/23/2014 — 2014 change list published
1/21/2014 — Mobile optimized .PDF files uploaded. Smaller size due to increased compression.
1/21/2014 — PCT Maps updated for 2014
1/19/2014 — GPS data updated for 2014